Home Selling Tips

When selling your home, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Determine your home's current market value. A knowledgeable real estate salesperson, who is familiar with your area and current home values, will understand your needs and will help you set the best listing price for your home.

  • Select a full-time real estate salesperson who knows your area, the current home values, and the recent selling prices of homes in and around your neighborhood.

  • Pinpoint the expenses and profits from selling your home. A good salesperson will be able to explain the expenses you may incur when selling your home, as well as the potential profit from the sale.

  • Discuss your goals with your salesperson. He or she will want to help you get the best result from the sale of your home. Be candid about your reasons for selling, your expectations of the home-selling process, and the profit you would like to net on the sale of your home.

  • Review the salesperson's marketing plan for your home. Discuss how the home will be listed, how many photos may be used with the ad, where and how often it will be listed, what types of "For Sale" signs will be posted, when "Open Houses" may be scheduled, if brochures or informational flyers will be available to potential buyers, and that it will be listed in the national MLS services.

  • Make sure your salesperson follows up on all showings. A good salesperson will consistently follow up on each showing of your home, track the visitors and interest in your home, and provide a record of the calls, viewings, and feedback on your home.

  • Make your home more attractive to buyers. The following will make your home more appealing and possibly get a quicker sale: Well-kept lawns and plantings; clean sidewalks and driveways; welcoming front porches; clean, clutter-free rooms; fresh paint; minor repairs; fresh bathrooms and kitchen; and well-organized spaces. Consider placing extraneous items in storage, while your home is on the market. (For more ideas, watch the "Designed to Sell" series on HGTV.)

  • Discuss how to make additional improvements to your home. As your salesperson shows your home, he or she will pick up additional comments from potential buyers. A good salesperson will convey this information to you, so that you may consider or act upon the feedback and suggestions.

  • Negotiate the best offer. A good real estate salesperson will represent you in obtaining the best offer for your home. Work with the salesperson to arrange the best selling price, the best terms of the offer, writing counter-offers, and determining the best net profit from the sale.

  • Close the deal. Your salesperson will arrange all aspects of the closing transactions, including required inspections, appraisals, appointments with the title and mortgage companies, calls to keep you up-to-date, and any other necessary paperwork.

  • CELEBRATE YOUR QUICK HOME SALE! For a smooth, informed, and profitable home-selling experience, contact Jackie at janolen@peganet.com.


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